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What is covered:

  • How to make sure a gun is unloaded
  • How to hold a gun
  • Gun safety rules
  • What all the buttons do on a gun
  • What to expect at a gun store or gun range
  • Shooting and marksmanship fundamentals
  • The process of buying a gun

The whole goal of the class is to make sure you’re comfortable and safe.  Students are allowed to handle and practice with tons of various handguns in a controlled, safe environment.  We have tons of experience dealing with first-time shooters, women, seniors, children and those whom have had previous bad experiences with guns.  Our youngest student was 12 and the oldest was in her late 70’s.

Why take the Basic Gun Safety and Responsibility Class?

There are many reasons one might want to take this class. It might be that you’re looking for a fundamental introduction to firearms. Maybe your dad wasn’t a hunter, and he never taught you about guns and it is something you feel you should know. Maybe your husband/boyfriend is passionate about guns, but they just make you uncomfortable. Maybe you watch the news and see that the times are changing and violence is on a rise, and even though you’re not a “gun nut” you’d still like to know more about guns for the just-in-case.

Whatever your personal reasons are, this hands-on gun safety class is a good mix of shooting and information, conducted in a fun, supportive, and patient environment. Whether your goal is gaining solid knowledge of safe firearm handling or preparing to purchase a handgun, this class will give you the information you need.

The Basic Gun Safety and Responsibility class should be considered a minimum for anyone who owns a firearm or lives in a household that has firearms. Teens are welcome to attend as well (if they are under 16 they will need to attend with a parent or guardian).

The class is an easy 2-3 hour class (depending on questions asked by attendees). Following each class there will be time reserved at a local firing range where you’ll have the opportunity to experience a variety of firearms including revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

The class consists of 2 hours in the classroom followed by 1 hour of coaching at the gun range.

Instructors and range safety officers walk you through the whole process of buying ammo, renting a gun (if needed), buying range time, safety do’s and don’ts at the range and how to operate the targets.

If you’re nervous about the kick or recoil, we have a nice .22 caliber pistol that isn’t loud and barely kicks.  We call it the “gateway” gun because once you see how easy and fun it is to shoot it, you want to try a lot of other guns as well.

By the time the class is over, a lot of the students are already planning their next trip to the range.  Some even stay after the class to continue to shoot or to look at buying their first gun.

This class prepares you for the Michigan CPL Class.

Ammo and range time are NOT included in the price.  You may use any of our .22 lr pistols for $15, with upgrades available or rent one from the gun range for a small fee.

Classroom Instruction: $50
Range usage: $10
Gun Rental: $15 (upgrades available)
25 rounds of .22 ammo: $5

Total cost for classroom and range time: $80

Women, seniors and children are welcomed in the class.

What you need to bring to class:

  • Your own gun (if you own one and want to bring it)
  • Beverage of choice
  • Good attitude
  • Cash or credit card for ammo
  • Photo ID for gun range

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