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Michigan concealed pistol license (CPL or CCW) has changed a lot over the years.  Here’s some basic Michigan cpl info:

Prior to 2001, it was up to local government offices to determine if somebody had a true need to carry a concealed gun.  You had to make an appointment, demonstrate that you had a true need to carry a gun, and at the discretion of the government, you were issued a CCW (Carrying Concealed Weapon) permit.

Michigan enacted the CCW or Concealed Pistol License law July 1st, 2001, effectively revamping the rules and regulations regarding licenses to carry a concealed weapon.  Since then, Michigan has been known as a “shall issue” state, meaning that a private individual no longer needed to prove a “need” to carry a weapon.  The law basically forces the state to issue a concealed weapons permit aka concealed pistol license to anyone who applies, as long as training and background checks complied with the law.  This makes Michigan a “shall issue” state, meaning anyone can apply for and receive a concealed pistol license as long as they’re eligible.  Since then, the law has been amended and changed to further define aspects of the Michigan CPL.

Despite the fact the CPL allows a person to carry a concealed pistol, the law has some very clear restrictions, including CPL eligibility and pistol-free zones.

We have tried to amass all the Michigan cpl info we could find into one convenient place.


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