Michigan CPL Application Process

Applying for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License seems like a difficult process, but it has been streamlined due to the large number of people applying.

To apply for the CPL license, you need:

  1. A certificate of completion from a MCOLES or NRA-certified CPL pistol safety training course
  2. Completed CPL application form
  3. Passport-sized, quality photo (Available from CVS for $10)
  4. Payment for $105 application fee, as well as any extra finger printing fees


How do I get a CCW in Michigan?

  1. Take the required items to your local county clerk in the county you reside.  (Wayne county residents may visit the Sheriff’s Department Road Patrol location on Henry Ruff to submit the application)
  2. Pay the county clerk the $105 processing fee, submit the application and training certificate
  3. Finger prints are required for your application to be approved.  The county clerk will advise on the easiest and quickest place to get finger prints taken. (In Wayne County, they take your finger prints right at the Sheriff’s Department.  In Oakland County, they send you to the Sheriff’s location in the building next to the county clerk’s office)
  4. Pay any extra fees for the finger printing (Local law enforcement agencies may charge up to $15 to take the finger prints)
  5. The county clerk and Sheriff department then forward your application to the Michigan State Police for processing.
  6. Once the State Police verify eligibility, the application is sent to your local county gun board for approval.  Approval may take up to 45 days
  7. Once the gun board has approved, you will receive your concealed pistol license in the mail

Each county processes their own applications, and therefor each county has different processing times.  Wayne County used to take 6 to 12 months from submission of application until time you receive your permit in the mail.  However, all local counties have gotten the bugs worked out of their systems and now are processing applications at a much faster rate.  It is still normal to wait about 3 months to actually receive your concealed pistol license in the mail.

Until you actually receive your license, you are NOT allowed to carry a pistol concealed.  A person MUST have their concealed pistol license in-hand to carry.

 Download the Michigan CPL Application Packet


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